Project GALE
v0.3 by team "Sadistic Game Designers"

You're a lone survivor in an abandoned plateau... will you save your planet?

This is the final prototype for "GD4: Level Design" course at Uppsala University, focusing on environmental storytelling through the level.
Please note we haven't been able to solve some of the previous issues yet!

Please take some time to fill our survey after you're done playing!

Contact us in case you have any questions!
Discord: Theodosian#6824


  • WASD - movement
  • C - crouch
  • Space - jump


  • James Kerber
    • Game Producer & Project Manager
    • Environment Designer: Snow Area
    • Lead Gameplay Programmer
    • Technical Artist
  • Benjamin Svensson
    • Game Director
    • Environment Designer: Aiming System
    • Sound Designer
    • Gameplay Programmer
    • 3D Artist
  • Evgeniia Rein
    • Concept Artist
    • Environment Designer: Radio Tower
    • Lead Texture Artist
  • Theo Carl Hubner Sallis
    • Environment Designer: Generator Building
    • 3D Artist
    • Gameplay Programmer
    • Rigger

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Download 459 MB
Download 409 MB

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